What Not To Call Beautiful Women

When you exoticize and fetishize someone, it’s actually an example of what’s called a “racial micro aggression”. Say it with me. Racial micro aggression. A racial micro aggression can be defined as “an everyday slight, put-down, indignity or invalidation indirectly targeted toward a marginalized group”. You might be thinking, “But I mean it as a compliment. My intentions are good.” Your intentions, sort of, don’t matter. Chescaleigh has an entire video on that, that you should totally watch if you don’t really know what I’m talking about.

A lot of times, the message that it communicates to the recipient is, “Hey, I think you’re super hot and desirable because you don’t really look like what your ethnicity would lead me to believe you should look like.”

A lot of guys have called me exotic but I never understood what it meant So I would take it as a compliment. But now I’ve realized that it’s bullshit. Don’t talk to me only because of mine skin color,hair type or the languages I can speak. Exoticfication and racial fetishism is bullshit.

It’s definitely process, that moment when your consciousness wakes up and you see past interactions with those around you in a whole new, disparaging light.



So, tonight, July 3, some friends and I went to this place, the Main Street Comedy Pub (formerly The Joke Factory), in Evansville, Indiana. Part of the night was open mic, and one of my friends was going to go up. We were there to support her, and as we waited for her to go onstage, we sat down…

I will continue to reblog this until my face falls off. If you ever find yourself in Evansville, do not go here.